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How To Start A Side Hustle

Gigs vs Side Hustles: What’s the Deal?

When you need extra cash, you might think about gigs or side hustles. But what’s the difference?

Gigs are like quick jobs you pick up. Think delivering food or designing a logo. It’s like a snack. Easy, quick, and no strings attached. You do a job, get paid, and that’s it. Cool, right?

But there’s a catch. Gigs can be a rollercoaster. Some weeks, you’ve got loads of work. Other weeks? Crickets. This can make your wallet feel like it’s on a bumpy ride.

Now, side hustles are a bit different. They’re like your mini-business. This isn’t about hopping from job to job. It’s about growing something of your own. Imagine it like making dinner. It takes time and patience. But when it’s done? Boy, it can be satisfying!

The catch here? It needs hard work and commitment. You’ve got to stick with it and give it your all.

So, gigs or side hustles? It’s not just about making money. It’s about what fits you best. Quick cash and flexibility or long-term growth? Only you can decide!