Is KashKick Legit? KashKick Review

kashkick review

What is KashKick?

KashKick is a program that offers rewards and loyalty benefits. It helps individuals gain, save, and put extra cash back into their pockets. Simple and helpful, it aims to make your money work for you.

You simply sign up with KashKick, fill in your profile with correct details, engage in activities, and hit the minimum threshold. After that, you redeem your earnings through PayPal cash.

It’s important to note that redeeming in the form of gift cards or direct deposits is not an option. It’s a straightforward process to put money back in your pocket.

Is KashKick Legit?

Yes, KashKick is letgit rewards program. The company might be new, but its survey panel has a top reputation. People who take surveys get paid. That’s something you can trust.

Signing up for Kashkick is both simple and safe. You only need an email address, password, and a PayPal account. You don’t have to provide bank details or go through a long sign-up process. The company asks for minimal personal information. This is a good sign that they aren’t misusing sensitive details.

Kashkick pays you safely through PayPal. PayPal keeps user data secure. It lets businesses pay you using just your email linked to your PayPal account.

If something seems wrong with a payment, PayPal will alert you. They will also investigate. This way, you can enjoy a safe way to earn money with Kashkick. It’s a solution that gives you peace of mind.

How Does KashKick Work?

If you know about popular reward sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, understanding KashKick will be easy for you. It works in a way that is quite like these platforms. But there’s one difference.

Unlike most others, KashKick doesn’t have a mobile app. So, if earning money on the go is your goal, you might need to look elsewhere.

Now, let’s talk about how KashKick works. First, you create an account. This gets you to your KashKick online dashboard. This part is simple. The dashboard is clear, and you can quickly look through surveys and offers. You find something you like, and you’re on your way.

Next, you pick a task and finish it. After that, you get your cash. This money appears in your KashKick balance fast, and once you reach $10, you can ask for payment.

To sum it up, using KashKick is very easy. It takes only a few minutes to get to know it and begin earning. If you’re looking to make a little extra money in your free time, this could be a good choice for you.

How to Make Money With KashKick?

ways to make money with Kashkick

Making money with KashKick is a straightforward process. Once you sign up and familiarize yourself with the website, you’ll find it quite user-friendly. KashKick operates through six simple steps:

  1. Sign Up for KashKick: Head over to their site and fill out the short form. You just need an email and password, and I managed to sign up in just a minute or two.
  2. Complete Your Profile: Similar to other survey sites, you’ll need to provide additional information about your age, ethnicity, household, education level, income, and zip code. Completing your profile takes about three minutes. KashKick even pays a $1 sign-up bonus for this step.
  3. Answer Surveys: KashKick will notify you when you match for a paid survey. The payment varies, with most surveys offering around $0.75 to $2. The initial survey I took paid $0.75 for 5 minutes of my time.
  4. Complete Paid Offers: Under the “Offers” button, you can earn cash by signing up with companies, downloading apps, playing games on your smartphone, or shopping online. The rewards range from $1 up to $40.
  5. Refer Friends: KashKick’s referral program is another way to earn. You receive 25% of all the earnings of anyone who signs up through your referral link.
  6. Complete Extra Cash Offers: This new feature allows you to earn by answering other surveys, purchasing products, watching ads, signing up for free trials, or downloading mobile games. Some of these offers pay up to $50.

Overall, KashKick is a versatile rewards platform that keeps adding new ways to earn. From paid surveys to playing games, it offers various fun opportunities. Answering surveys is one of the main ways to earn, but it also provides other engaging avenues.

How Much Money Can You Make on KashKick?

It’s like most sites where you get paid to do tasks. Your earnings depend on your time and the number of tasks you do each day.

Usually, a survey takes 15-20 minutes. You can make anywhere from $0.5 to $2 for each one.

Are you a casual user? You might earn $5 to $50 each month. And here’s a good thing: KashKick offers a lot of work. So, you’ll have many chances to make extra money.

How Much Does KashKick Pay?

KashKick is different from most survey sites. It doesn’t use a points system. This is good for you. You don’t have to turn points into dollars. So, you always know what you’re earning. Also, the site pays in cash. That means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with gift cards that you might not want.

Now, let’s talk about getting paid. You need at least $10 in your KashKick account. When you have enough, you click on your balance, ask for payment, and that’s it. Your money is on its way.

But there’s one thing to know. KashKick only pays through PayPal. So, you must have a PayPal account when you sign up. If you don’t have one, you need to open one.

KashKick Pros and Cons

KashKick, like many rewards and loyalty platforms, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This information can guide your decision on whether to join.


  • Free to use
  • Pays in cash
  • Plenty of survey opportunities
  • Solid referral program


  • Low earning potential
  • Limited customer support
  • No mobile app
  • Need better customer service

KashKick User Reviews

Overall, KashKick has an Average Trustpilot rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

KashKick Reviews

As you can see, out of a little over 400 reviews, 57% of users gave the system a 5-star rating. Also, 29% gave it only 1-start which is a little concerning.

However, we understand that experiences can vary widely on platforms like Branded Surveys. With this in mind, we’ve curated two distinct reviews that represent opposite ends of the opinion spectrum.

“This has been the best place that I’ve found to make money doing the things you love and already do anyways and I’ve tried alot of different places that says they will pay you for doing things but either the cashout is so high or they wont give you credit for what you do. Not KASHKICK if you’ve done what your supposed to and let them know if you didn’t receive the credit They do make it right. So 5 stats across the board for me!”

“I like the idea of earning money playing games, however I feel that a lot of the requirements are pretty unrealistic. You don’t get enough time. I have to be careful about which games I choose because I don’t want to spend a bunch of time playing a game only to not meet the deadline and get no rewards. Speaking of rewards, Keep track of your rewards! I probably would have given a 4 star review if not for the fact that I completed both parts of the Monopoly Go game and never got the reward for it, which would have been $90 total for completing both parts of it. I reached out to customer service and they resolved it by paying me out a $75 reward, saying it would take a long time and need to be escalated to someone else in order to get the full $90. So I’m glad I got something, but I didn’t get the whole amount. So keep track of what you earn and make sure you get it! But overall this can be a good way to earn some extra cash, just be aware that you are picking games that you can realistically meet the goals for”

Is KashKick Worth It?

Surveys are a simple way to make some money on the side. They won’t make you wealthy or be a substitute for your main income. Yet, they can help with extra spending or bill payments.

Many people do surveys as a side gig. They even combine them with work-from-home jobs.

KashKick has some problems. It doesn’t reach all over the world, and sometimes there are system errors. But there’s a bright side to KashKick, too. It gives you good reasons to sign up. You can find five or six surveys that pay well, and this helps keep the money coming in.

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