How to Make More Money as An Uber Eats Driver

Make More Money as An Uber Eats Driver

In this article, we’ll explore a few little tricks you can implement to make more money as an Uber Eats driver.

How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

As food delivery services become more and more popular, Uber Eats stands out as a top name in the field. It challenges other big competitors like DoorDash and Postmates.

At the same time, the quick growth of the gig economy is drawing many people. They look for jobs that offer flexibility and are ready when they are.

Working as an Uber Eats delivery driver has caught the eye of many. But the question remains: How much money can you really make as an Uber Eats driver?

The national average hourly pay for an Uber Eats delivery driver is $19.00 an hour, according to ZipRecruiter.

How To Make More With Uber Eats?

Fortunately for both new and existing drivers, various methods can boost your earnings with Uber Eats. A few clever strategies can lead to more money in your pocket.

These might require a bit more effort, but in the end, they lead to greater cash flow. Here’s a quick look at some of those strategies.

Choose a Small Working Area

Earning more money comes easily when you work within a small radius instead of covering a large area. This approach helps you save on gas. It also lets you move fast from one job to the next.

In your town, there might be a place with many restaurants, like a strip mall. You should park there and wait for orders. By doing this, you can save both time and money on gas. Focus on taking orders from the local restaurants in that area. When things are slow, go back to your spot.

You should also know when to say no. If an order asks for too much driving, don’t take it. These orders often lead to more problems than benefits.

Finding the hotspots may take time. But once you learn where they are, you’ll find it easier to make money.

Catch the Surge Period

Uber Eats has busy times in the day. Lunch and dinner usually see more orders than breakfast. During these times, the need for drivers goes up. So, Uber Eats raises the pay to get more drivers to work. They call these times “Surge Periods.”

Working during Surge periods is a smart way to make extra money.

In these times, you might earn two or three times more than in a regular shift. You get paid more for each delivery. Plus, you get many more orders.

Look for highlighted areas on the Uber Eats app map to find Surge pricing. These price surges often happen at the same time and place every week.

So, keep a close eye on them. Build your schedule around these times. This strategy will help you make the most money.

Prepare for Boost Earnings in Advance

Uber offers a great way to make more money when they need more drivers. They call it Boost Earnings. This method raises the pay to make sure enough drivers are on the road.

Often, they use Boost Earnings when there’s a big event in town, like a convention or a big game. They increase driver rates to meet the high demand. Boost Earnings work like Surge Prices, multiplying the pay rate.

Let’s say the Boost Earnings multiplier is three times the usual rate. They’ll then triple your earnings for that shift. Instead of making $5 for a drop-off, you’ll earn $15.

Uber will usually tell you about a Boost Earnings event before it happens. So, pay attention to the texts and emails they send you.

Make sure you can work the whole Boost shift. By doing this, you’ll make the most money possible that day.

Show Extra Kindness

Tips play a vital role for Uber Eats delivery drivers. The company takes 25% of your income from each order, but they leave the tips to you. That money goes right into your pocket.

Earning many tips is helpful. The more pleased your customers are, the more tips you’ll earn. So, we suggest that you do all you can to give them a good experience.

Being polite doesn’t take much effort. A simple “Thank you” or “Have a good day” can make a difference. Using the customer’s name adds a personal touch. If this effort leads to a bigger tip, it’s worth it.

You can also do small things. Grab paper plates, plastic silverware, or straws from the restaurant. Even if the customer doesn’t need them, they might appreciate the thought. This appreciation could lead to a larger tip.

Even without an extra tip, your care will lead to positive reviews. It may even bring you more food delivery offers through the app.

Remember, if you want to make the most money as an Uber Eats driver, you need to work hard. You can make deliveries and do the minimum, but hard work sets you apart. It makes this job a real success.

Join Other Meal Delivery Services

Working as a delivery partner is flexible. You don’t have to stick with just one company. This means you can drive for many food delivery services. It helps you avoid long waits between deliveries. You’ll find no shortage of opportunities.

Right now, over a dozen online food delivery platforms are out there. Big names like Postmates, DoorDash, and Grubhub serve every major US city. Some even operate in Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

By driving for more than one service, you can take more orders during each shift.

Say Uber Eats is slow one day. You can then open your DoorDash app and wait for orders there. It will keep you busy until Uber Eats picks up again.

This strategy works well in areas with many restaurants. Different platforms work with different restaurants. So if 22 restaurants are in your area and only 12 work with Uber Eats, the others likely work with another platform.

Signing up for multiple platforms helps you catch every possible order. But we don’t advise working for all platforms at the same time. Multitasking can lead to mistakes like mixed-up orders or forgotten details.

By balancing your time across platforms, you can always have something to do. It’s a way to make sure you never miss out on an opportunity.

Approach It Like a Full-Time Job

Want to make the most money with Uber Eats? Treat it like a full-time job.

When you’re a delivery partner, it’s tempting to skip work to sleep in or spend time with friends. But think about a traditional 9-5 job. You’d have to be there every day. Do the same with your delivery job.

If you treat it like a 9-5 job, you might earn at least $100 a day, unless it’s a slow day. By catching the Surge and Boost times, you can make even more.

Start by figuring out the busiest times. Build your schedule from there. Weekdays might not be too busy, except for lunchtime. When you work a non-traditional job, the hours will be non-traditional, too.

But once you see the money coming in, you’ll feel glad for all the hard work. Your approach to your work can make a big difference in your success. It’s a way to take control of your income and your life.

Maximize Your Uber Eats Earnings Today

Making more money as an Uber Eats driver is within reach. You just need the right strategies. By following these practical tips, you can boost your earnings.

Treat it like a full-time job, work during Surge periods, or even join other delivery services. All these methods help you take control of your income.

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