How To Make Money Flipping Furniture

flipping furniture

Flipping furniture is a great side hustle that lets you make money while having fun fixing up used home furnishings.

Flipping Furniture For Profit

Are you thinking about a new way to earn money? Flipping used furniture might be the answer. It is not just a chance to make profit but also a fun way to use your creativity and skills.

This guide wants to show you how easy it is to start in this field. You don’t need to be an expert. Anyone can learn how to find old pieces of furniture, make them look new, and sell them for a good price.

If you want some extra cash or even a new job, selling used furniture is a great option. You can find joy in giving old furniture a second life.

Turning an old table or chair into something beautiful again is like telling a new story. You decide how the story goes. You add the details with paint, polish, and maybe some new parts.

Selling used furniture is not just about money. It is also about the joy you find in the work. The guide can help you see the easy steps to start this job. You can learn how to find, fix, and sell furniture.

So, are you ready to try something new? Are you ready to see where this road can take you? Let this guide help you on a journey to a job that is both fun and gives you money. Start your furniture selling adventure now!

Why Choose Flipping Furniture As A Side Hustle

Turning unwanted furniture into something valuable is the main idea behind furniture flipping. Many people just want to free up space in their homes. They choose to sell their old items at a low price or give them away. This situation presents a golden chance to make some money.

It stands out among other side businesses because you can start it with little money. You don’t need a deep pocket to venture into furniture flipping.

Starting is easy. There is no need for a business plan or a website. You only need the readiness to work hard. Go to places like thrift stores or garage sales. You will find good furniture selling for a small amount of money. Sometimes you can even get them for free. With the right tactics, selling these items at a higher price is possible.

Imagine getting a couch for free just because you agreed to take it away. Such a couch can bring in between $200 and $300 or even more. The price depends on its condition and size.

Doing this regularly can earn you an extra $2,000 every month. It might not be as easy as it sounds. Yet with effort, the gains are big.

How To Start Flipping Furniture

Before you start, take a moment to research the local Facebook Marketplace. Look at the furniture others sell there, and note the condition and pricing. Understanding the going rate for different items will guide you. It helps in knowing how to price your finds later. The goal is to buy low and sell high to make a profit. You can check the “sold” listings to see the recent sale prices.

When starting, opt for furniture that has just minor signs of use. Light scratches or faded paint are okay. Avoid pieces that need a lot of work to restore. Keep it simple and look for items that perhaps only need cleaning or a little sanding and paint. You might find you already have what’s needed for these fixes. Or you can buy them at a hardware store without spending much.

Pay attention to the material of the furniture. Real wood pieces are a good pick because they sell faster and fetch better prices compared to MDF or plastic items. MDF may look like wood, but it’s not. It doesn’t hold up well and won’t get you as much money in the end. So, going for real wood could be a wise choice in the long run. It might not be easy to find the right pieces at the start, but with time, you will learn to pick out the best items for your business.

When thinking about what kind of furniture to sell, the size of your vehicle matters. Larger vehicles like pickup trucks can carry big items such as sofas or dining sets. But if you own a small car, focus on items that can fit easily in the trunk or back seat.

Where To Find Used Furniture

To find cheap or even free furniture, you might not need to go too far. Begin in your own home. See if there is any furniture you want to part with. It’s a helpful first step. It gets you used to the process of listing and selling items.

You have more options too. Think about checking out the offerings at Goodwill or a nearby thrift store. The stock in these places changes often. It’s good to visit them a few times every week.

Other good spots are garage sales, estate sales, and online platforms like Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace and apps like Nextdoor and OfferUp can be gold mines for finding deals. Don’t forget to look into local Facebook groups, flea markets, and consignment shops too.

Keep an eye on the side of the road or alleyways as well. People often discard valuable items there. Starting this venture might feel a bit overwhelming. Yet, with a keen eye, you’ll soon know where to find the best deals and hidden gems. It might turn into a fun and rewarding endeavor sooner than you think.

How To Refinish Used Furniture

So, you found a piece of furniture with potential. Now what? Well, it might just need a good cleaning to make it shine again.

How to get it sparkling clean

To clean wood furniture, gather mild dish soap, warm water, a sponge, and a brush. This mix will take off dirt and grimy patches, even stickers. For a vibrant finish, a wood cleaner is your friend. Selling a fabric couch? Reach for quality upholstery and fabric cleaners, plus a stain and odor remover.

To banish dirt and unwelcome smells, get down to vacuuming in all the nooks and crannies. For a truly fresh start, wash removable covers and use a fabric refresher. Offering a clean, ready-to-use piece can be the key to a swift sale.

How to give wooden furniture a makeover

When your wooden item needs more help, it’s time to refinish. Begin by stripping off the old paint or stain. It’s a job made easier with a paint stripper. Just follow the usage directions to the letter. Next, smooth out the surface with a good sanding, targeting scratches and irregularities. An electric sander saves time here, but manual sanding works too.

Now, let your creativity soar with paints or stains. Maybe a coastal palette or a distressed look? Look online for tutorials to nail the style you envision.

Up next, a hardware update. Fresh drawer pulls or knobs can give a dated piece a contemporary edge. Your last step is a protective top coat for that glossy finish and added durability. It keeps the furniture safe from water damage too.

All these improvements not only give used furniture a new lease on life, but they also help you sell faster and at a better price. It turns the sale into a win-win, where both you and the buyer go home happy. It might look like a long process, but with some effort, the results can be more than satisfying.

Where To Sell The Revamped Furniture

Now you get to share your revamped pieces with the world and find them new homes. Showcasing them in the right spots makes a big difference. Thankfully, there are platforms where you can list them without spending a dime. Facebook Marketplace, local Facebook groups, and apps like Nextdoor and OfferUp are great options. And don’t overlook avenues like eBay, local flea markets, or consignment shops that might ask for a small fee but can also attract serious buyers.

To make a successful listing, play photographer and take ample photos from every angle, capturing the fine details of your furniture. Steer clear of dingy garages; instead, position your furniture in a flattering setting, perhaps a cozy corner of your home. Think of a compelling title and detailed description sprinkled with keywords to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Pay attention to lighting, natural light brings out the true colors and finishes. To give buyers a sense of scale, include a photo with a measuring tape unfurled next to the item. Detailing the dimensions and other key features in your description gives potential buyers all the info they need to make a fast decision.

Remember, the goal is to present your piece in a way that it almost sells itself.

How Much Money Can You Make Flipping Furniture?

So, you’ve spent hours reviving a piece of furniture and now it’s time to decide its market value. Naturally, the first step is to sum up your investment in the piece, including both the purchase price and the refurbishing materials. Starting with a low buying price will pave the way for a good profit margin.

Let’s explore the financials using an example:

Initial purchase of an old coffee table: $20 Materials for revamping: $50 This means your total investment is $70, and we haven’t yet accounted for your labor.

Given the effort and creativity you put into the renovation, aiming for a 200% profit on your total investment is a sensible starting point for setting the price. Scouring the marketplace for similar furniture pieces can offer a realistic gauge for pricing.

With your total investment standing at $70, you might consider a starting price tag of $210. Remember, it’s a market out there and you might need to revise your price if there are no takers initially.

To give a practical spin, let’s assume a piece resembling yours sold for $300 on an online marketplace. This implies you stand to earn a profit of $230, which is quite an impressive sum. Considering it took you 6 hours to finish the transformation, your hourly wage comes to a little over $38. Quite rewarding for a labor of love, wouldn’t you agree?

Make sure to price your masterpiece thoughtfully to attract potential buyers and bag a satisfactory profit.

Start Making Money Flipping Furniture

Starting a furniture flipping business can bring in a lot of money. But it is more than a source of extra cash. It can replace the income you make now. It also helps you save money for other business dreams like an Amazon shop.

You might think it costs a lot to start this type of business. But actually, you don’t need much money at first. There are places where you can find used furniture for free.

People often spend a lot on new furniture. Yet, they sometimes give away their old pieces for little to no cost. When they want to move or change their home style, you find your chance. It could be a way to find items to flip for a profit.

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