Best Side Hustles for Software Engineers

Best Side Hustles for Software Engineer: Screen with Code

In this article we’ll explore 8 best side hustles for Software Engineers.

Understanding Side Hustles for Software Engineers

In today’s fast-paced tech world, software engineers wear many hats; they are coders, programmers, and even system analysts. The good news is that the booming gig economy and a surge in freelance opportunities mean that there’s more room than ever for these professionals to earn extra on the side, leaning into the digital nomad lifestyle and taking on part-time ventures that showcase their skills.

From picking up project-based work that uses their knowledge of popular programming languages like Python and JavaScript, to stepping into consulting roles that play up strengths in agile methodologies and DevOps, the side hustle landscape is rich and varied, offering something for every tech-savvy individual.

And these side gigs aren’t just for solo players; development teams can join the fun, merging their skills to offer services that stand out in the crowded marketplace. Newbies and veteran programmers alike have a place in this world, taking on roles that range from teaching at coding boot camps to diving into UX/UI design projects, all while enjoying a flexible work schedule.

Top Side Hustles for Software Engineers

In this guide, we unlock the world of side hustles for software engineers, exploring the many paths available, from passive income streams to roles that welcome independent contracting. Whether you’re an IT professional or a developer eager to monetize your skills, there’s a side gig waiting for you. Come along as we explore the wide array of moonlighting options that let software engineers build fulfilling careers that go beyond the usual 9 to 5 job.

Looking at these options, you might wonder which one fits your skills and interests. You might also consider how much time you have to dedicate to your side hustle. Let’s take a closer look at each of these gigs, to help you figure out the perfect match.

Freelance Work

Freelance work can be an ideal side hustle for software engineers. It not only allows you to use your coding skills but also opens doors to working on a variety of projects. Whether it’s creating websites, designing software solutions, or fixing bugs, freelance work lets you capitalize on your skills.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can connect you to potential clients. You set your rates, choose projects you’re passionate about, and decide your working hours.


Have you ever thought about sharing your software engineering knowledge with the world? Tech blogging is your ticket to do just that. This side gig gives you the chance to educate others, all while showcasing your expertise.

You can write about coding tips, software reviews, or the latest tech trends. As your blog grows, you can monetize it through ads, sponsored posts, or even by selling digital products. And who knows, your blog might end up being a go-to resource for many.

App Development

There’s no denying the world is hooked on apps. From gaming to fitness, to business solutions, the demand is ever-growing. This presents a lucrative side hustle opportunity for software engineers.

In the landscape of mobile app development, the niche of plugin development has emerged as a profitable side hustle for software engineers. Offering services such as WordPress theme development and developing chatbots caters to a wide array of clients. The creative venture of creating clever API developments stands as a evidence to the expanding field of app development.

If you have an innovative idea, or simply enjoy the process of building apps, this might be your ideal side gig. You can either sell your apps directly to users or monetize them using in-app purchases or advertisements.

Web Development

As a software engineer, the field of web development opens up various avenues for side hustles. Freelance coding can help in creating a robust e-commerce website development portfolio. Expertise in seamless web development not only builds upon WordPress theme development but also leverages the potential of responsive and intuitive designs that can transform the user experience drastically.

Software Development

Delving into software development allows software engineers to branch out and explore lucrative side gig like creating SaaS products or offering software customization services. Developing a software prototype and crafting unique solutions cater to a broad spectrum of clientele, allowing for a stable and enriching side hustle opportunity.

Code Review and Auditing

Consider code reviewing services and bug bounty hunting as a side hustle. Software engineers with an eye for detail can offer auditing services, identifying vulnerabilities, and ensuring robust, error-free codes.

The field of testing has like white-hat hacking, where you can employ your skills to identify and fix security loopholes. This side gig not only is financially rewarding but also helps in increasing the security of the digital world.

Open-Source and Community Projects

Engaging in open-source contributions and GitHub projects offers not just a platform to showcase your skills but a community-driven approach to software development. It stands as a collaborative and enriching side hustle for software engineers, fostering growth and learning through real-world projects.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is another great side gig for software engineers. Code tutoring is an opportunity to share your knowledge, help others grow, and make money doing it.

You can tutor in various fields related to your expertise. This might be coding, software development, or even helping students with their computer science homework. Various online platforms can help connect you with eager tech learners worldwide.

Being a coding bootcamp instructor can also be a rewarding way to share your expertise with budding coders.

Content Creation

Content creation is a broad field that can provide software engineers with numerous opportunities. You could start a technology YouTube channel, create an online course, or write an e-book on software technologies. Sharing your expertise in a user-friendly format can help others and give you a sense of fulfillment. Plus, it can provide you with a steady stream of income once your content gains traction.

E-commerce and Dropshipping

The rise of e-commerce has opened up new avenues for tech-savvy individuals. As a software engineer, you can create and manage an online store or dive into the world of dropshipping. Although this side gig may not directly utilize your coding skills, your understanding of web development and site optimization can give you an edge.

E-commerce and dropshipping require time and effort but they can offer great returns. With the right marketing strategies, these online ventures can become your golden goose.


As an IT professional, you possess valuable knowledge that many businesses need. Software consulting and coaching on Agile and Scrum methodologies can be a fruitful way to share this expertise. It involves providing advice to businesses on software solutions, systems improvement, and even security measures.

This side hustle allows for flexible hours, making it a great option for those juggling their full-time job. You get to network with professionals, learn about different industries, and get paid for your expert advice.

Game Development

For those software engineers with a creative spark and love for games, game development could be your perfect side hustle. Building games allows you to bring imaginative worlds to life while using your coding skills.

You can develop games for various platforms like mobile, PC, or gaming consoles. With a captivating game, you can catch the attention of gaming enthusiasts around the globe and generate impressive revenue.

Conclusion on Side Hustles in the Software Engineering Field

Choosing a side hustle boils down to your personal interests, skills, and time availability. Some might prefer the freedom and variety of freelance work, while others might find joy in sharing knowledge through tutoring or blogging. App development, e-commerce, and game development offer creative outlets with high income potential.

Remember, the goal of a side hustle isn’t solely about money. It’s about growth, exploration, and enjoying what you do. By finding a side hustle that matches your passion and skill set, you can make the most of your software engineering talents while earning on the side. It’s a win-win situation that can enrich your professional and personal life.

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