House Sitting As A Side Hustle

House Sitting

House sitting is well-known as a smart strategy to cut down on housing costs during travels. Yet, a lesser-known fact is the potential it holds as a rewarding side hustle. If you aspire to pad your wallet or traverse different locales without a price tag, house sitting opens up this viable pathway. By gearing up adequately and adopting the right strategies, this side hustle could morph into your primary earning avenue. Hence, whether you are taking your initial steps or hold expertise in this domain, here are insights to leverage the maximum benefits from this side hustle.

What is house sitting?

At its core, house sitting means staying in someone’s home while they are not there. The job might ask for different tasks to be done, like looking after pets or keeping the house clean. Some might just watch the house to keep it safe, others might have to do more, like looking after plants or fixing things that break. No matter the job details, it offers a chance to make more money and see new places. And for people who like pets, it can be a job that brings joy and rewards.

Why do people hire house sitters?

Owners of homes choose to hire house sitters for many reasons. It gives them a relaxed mind to know a person is there to care for their home and furry friends during their time away. They might want help with keeping plants healthy, or pets fed, and sometimes even with big tasks such as clearing snow or cutting grass. In all cases, getting a house sitter means they can be sure their home stays safe and well-looked-after while they are not there.

What makes house sitting good?

Being Your Own Boss House sitting lets you be in charge of your schedule. You decide how many jobs to take and when to work, fitting it around your life and what you already do. This is great for people with full-time jobs or other things they need to do. It’s a stress-free way to earn more money on your terms. The main thing is to choose house sitting jobs that suit you. You might pick houses that only need you at the weekend, or ones with pets if you’re happy to look after them. But remember, you need to be someone the house owner can trust, looking after their place well while they are gone.

Travel and Earn House sitting can be your ticket to seeing new places while making money. It allows you to stay in different areas without worrying about paying for a place to stay. If you find a job that lasts a long time, you might even save up for a trip you’ve always wanted.

Start with Zero One of the good things about house sitting is that you don’t have to spend money to start. No need for special things to use in the job or to tell people why they should choose you. You just need to find someone looking for a house sitter and say you’re ready to help.

How much do house sitters make?

The earnings of a house sitter can change a lot. It depends on things like what job you are doing, where the house is, and more. Sometimes, house sitters get paid every day or week. How long the job lasts also affects the pay. A job lasting a short time might not pay much, while a longer job might help you pay for all your needs. Happy clients might even give house sitters extra money as a thank you. So, even though it’s hard to say exactly how much you can make, many house sitters find they earn a good amount per hour.

Important Things Every House Sitter Needs to Know

Dreaming of seeing new places and earning money at the same time? House sitting opens this door for all – be it travelers, people who work from anywhere, or those enjoying retirement. It’s a chance to live different cultures without the trouble of finding a place to stay for a long time. Plus, you give the home owner a worry-free time knowing you are there to keep their place safe. If this kind of job calls out to you, you need to know what to ask before you say yes to it. Keep reading to find out what you need to know!

Critical Details Every House Sitter Must Clarify

Schedule Clarity. Before you take on the role of a house sitter, make sure to clear up all doubts about when the homeowners will leave and come back. Knowing this will help you arrange your plans without a hitch. Ensure to find out:

  • The exact start and end time of your house sitting duty
  • The departure and return details of the homeowners

Understanding the Home. House sitting is a serious job and needs a lot of information to be gathered beforehand. You want to keep both yourself and the home owner relaxed during this period. Make sure to ask:

  • How to operate the home’s temperature controls
  • The nearest place to buy food
  • Items in the house you should not use
  • Your daily tasks around the house
  • The care plan for plants or lawn
  • The days to take out trash and recycling
  • The details to connect to the internet
  • Safety systems in place and how they work
  • Where you will sleep

Being Ready for Emergencies. In your role, thinking of what could go wrong is important. Being ready to handle unexpected situations can keep you and the home safe. It is vital to know:

  • Who else has keys to the home
  • The home’s address
  • The best way to reach the homeowners
  • Local contacts for urgent situations
  • The vet details for pets in the home

Caring for Pets. If pets are part of your job, knowing how to care for them the right way is key. Asking the right questions will make sure both you and the pets are happy and safe. Learn about:

  • The pets’ food and when to give it
  • Rules for taking dogs outside
  • The pets’ favorite play spots
  • Daily habits of the pets
  • Where to find things for the pets
  • Nearby places to take dogs for fun
  • Health issues of the pets and what to do for them
  • Handling any medications for the pets
  • Upkeep of litter areas and how often to clean them

Packing List for House Sitters

So you have landed a house sitting job – that’s great news! It is a golden chance to change scenes, save some bucks, and maybe travel a bit. Now, it’s packing time, and keeping it easy and uncomplicated is the way to go. If you are stepping into the amazing world of house sitting for the first time, here are some things you might want to include in your luggage to make your transition to your new place smooth and stress-free.

Must-haves. Knowing the weather of the place you are going to helps in packing the right clothes. If it’s a sunny place, bring sunscreen and a product to keep the bugs away. If it’s cold, warm clothes are a must. And don’t forget your important papers and medicines. Being thoughtful about what you pack can make your stay both fun and safe.

Personal Care Products. Remember to take all the bath products you use daily, like your toothbrush and your favorite soap. Since you will stay in the house for some time, it’s better to pack a bit more than you think you need.

Access to the House. Don’t forget to talk to the homeowners about how to get the house keys. Reach out to them early to arrange for the keys.

Tech Essentials. A small bag to keep your electronic devices including chargers is a must-have. If you enjoy reading, e-readers or audiobooks might be a better choice compared to hardcover books. Devices that serve many functions can be a great help, letting you carry less stuff.

Snacks. Carry some non-perishable snacks with you to keep hunger at bay when you first arrive. Once there, you can check out the kitchen and decide on your meals depending on the appliances available. Bringing food that doesn’t spoil quickly gives you hassle-free meal options for the first few days.

Be Ready for Anything. A first aid kit can be a lifesaver in times of little accidents. It’s wise to have one on hand. And a flashlight can be your best friend if a power cut happens.

Keeping it Clean. It’s a good gesture to maintain cleanliness in the house. Carry along some basic items to help you clean up when you want to.

Being prepared can turn your house sitting experience into a lovely and memorable time. By taking along all your essentials, you know you are ready for anything that comes your way. So, gear up with this handy list and look forward to a smooth and happy house sitting time.

What is Off-the-Grid House Sitting?

House sitting usually brings to mind caring for someone’s house while they take a trip. Yet, a rising trend changes the standard idea – welcome to off-the-grid house sitting. This style means living in a house that does not rely on standard utilities. The house might be fully self-reliant or use different energy options such as power from the sun.

Many find this option a doorway to a greener way of living. Others see it as a path to cut down on utility costs. But it stands as a favored choice for people eyeing a house sitting experience with a twist.

Taking up an off-the-grid house sitting job is not just a chance to stay in new places for free. It offers a break from the noise and rush of daily routines. But before you head to a haven away from the city’s noise, understanding a few things can make your off-the-grid house sitting time a success.

Benefits of Off-the-Grid House Sitting

Imagine traveling without burning a hole in your wallet. Off-the-grid house sitting lets you do just that. Picture this: no bills to pay and no rent to worry about. Your savings grow while you enjoy fresh locales and learn about diverse cultures. Moreover, breaking free from the grid paves the way for moments of calm and joyous solitude.

Choosing the Ideal Spot

Your choice of location plays a pivotal role in the off-the-grid house sitting journey. It’s crucial to balance the need for tranquility with safety and convenience. You’d prefer not being miles away from a hub in case you need to stock up or seek help swiftly. Yet, being in the heart of a noisy neighborhood isn’t ideal either. Aim for a place that promises solitude without disconnecting you from essential services and is within a manageable distance from big cities or towns.

Ready for a Simple Life

The off-grid life is not for everyone. It often means saying goodbye to daily luxuries like instant water supply and a steady power source. You might find yourself embracing tasks such as fetching water or gathering firewood. It’s a simpler, rawer way of life, demanding yet rewarding. It’s all about immersing yourself in the essence of basic living. So, if you are open to adapting and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, this adventure is for you.

Understand Your Boundaries

Living off the grid means stepping into zones where help might not reach promptly. Hence, it’s essential to be aware of your boundaries and undertake only those tasks you are at ease with. Say, handling animals isn’t your strong suit, steer clear of roles demanding this skill to avoid uneasy situations.

Moreover, working remotely could be a challenge, given the scarce availability of steady internet and mobile network in isolated regions. Additionally, reaching a healthcare facility may not be straightforward, given the distance from mainstream areas.

Embarking on an off-the-grid house sitting journey offers a budget-friendly escape to serenity. Yet, it isn’t a fit for all. Selecting a suitable place, respecting your comfort zone, and gearing up for a rugged lifestyle are vital steps before you decide to take the plunge. Keeping this advice at heart, you are on the path to a fulfilling and pleasant house sitting stint.


You now see a range of good things that make house sitting a tempting option for a side job. If the thought of earning extra while discovering new locations entices you, why not try house sitting? It might just be the right thing for you.

Stepping into house sitting allows for the delightful exploration of different areas and lifestyles. It carries the significant role of looking after someone else’s place and possibly their pets. That’s why gearing up with all necessary details before saying yes to the opportunity is vital.

A prepared mind not only keeps worries at bay but fosters a joyful and respectful bond with the home owners. So go ahead, embrace the role with an open heart, respect for others’ belongings, and a spirit ready to enjoy the new adventure.

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