How To Market Your Side Hustle and Make More Money

side hustle marketing

Learn side hustle marketing techniques, get more clients and earn more money.

Why You Have To Market Your Side Hustle

You’ve started your own side hustle. It’s a big step toward earning more money and doing what you love. Now you face a tough task. You need to get the word out in a market full of competitors. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one feeling this way.

Many people with side hustles wonder how to find new clients. There are so many ways to market a business. It can feel like too much. Yet, you can make it through this tricky part of growing your side hustle. It might not be as easy as some experts say. But you can do it.

Every day, new side hustles pop up. The ones that last are those that stay committed and keep learning. This guide aims to help you get customers. We’ll walk you through various ways to market your business. We want to help you grow your side hustle so it brings in extra cash. Who knows? Maybe it will become your main job one day.

Have a Clear Marketing Plan

Know What You Offer

First, figure out what makes your side hustle special. This is your value proposition. It helps you create a strong marketing plan. Think about what you offer that others don’t.

Know your Audience

Now, let’s move on to your target audience. These are the people who will most likely want what you’re offering. Get to know them. Understand what they want and need. Also, find out what worries them. This helps you aim your marketing in the right direction. If you miss the mark, you’ll waste time and money reaching out to the wrong people.

Solve a Real Issue

You need to clearly say what problem you solve. This helps people understand why they should pick you. Make sure your side hustle takes a load off their shoulders. Doing this shows people you’re the answer they’ve been looking for.

Stand Out in the Crowd

So why should people choose your side hustle over others? Tell them what makes you different. Show off your strong points and what you’re good at. Doing this sets you apart from the competition. It helps build trust and makes people believe you’re the right choice.

Ways to Market Your Side Hustle

Now let’s explore the top ways to market your side hustle and get more clients.

Start With A Professional Website

To really catch eyes, you need a great website. It’s more than just a fancy showpiece. Your website guides people to where you want them to go. It acts like a digital front door for your side hustle. Through it, people can learn about what you offer, see examples of your work, and get in touch with you.

Your website can win people over from the start. Make it simple to use. Go for a clean look with clear steps for people to take next. Use colors and fonts that show what your brand is all about. Also, add high-quality pictures to draw people in.

Don’t forget to include your best work on your site. If you have client praise or case studies, show those too. These can convince people you’re the right fit for them.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re new to marketing your side hustle, social media is a good place to start. It’s easy and it can be part of your bigger plan.

A lot of people still use Facebook. So make a page for your side hustle. Share what you offer with friends and family. Join groups that focus on topics close to your hustle. But remember, follow the group rules when you share your stuff. Aim to help people with useful advice instead of just selling to them.

Instagram is great for showing off pictures or videos of your work. Share what happens behind the scenes. Use hashtags to reach people who might want what you offer. Don’t forget to talk to people who comment on your posts.

LinkedIn is more about business. So, make sure your profile talks about your side hustle. Show off your skills and wins. Share articles and join groups to meet people in your industry. This way, you can find new chances to grow your side hustle.

Twitter(X) moves fast. So, you have to keep up. Share useful stuff and chat with your followers. Use hashtags to help people find your tweets. You can also join or start Twitter chats about topics that relate to your side hustle.

Pinterest works more like a search engine. This is good because what you post stays around for a long time. Make pins that catch the eye and link back to your website. Put your pins in themed boards and use keywords to help people find them. You can also share pins from others to make your profile more interesting.

Video Marketing

YouTube serves two roles. It can be a side hustle on its own or a way to promote another one. Create videos that are rich in information and showcase your talents.

This helps potential clients see what you can offer. Keywords play a big role on YouTube. Use them in your video titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to make your videos easier to find. Interaction also matters.

Reply to comments on your videos and share your content on social media platforms to form a community that supports your side hustle.


If video marketing doesn’t appeal to you, podcasting is an excellent alternative for your side hustle. Select a niche that either matches or complements your side hustle. In your podcast, focus on delivering quality and unique content.

Being consistent in your publishing schedule is crucial. While podcasting may not bring instant profits, it serves as a powerful tool for long-term marketing. This approach not only strengthens your other marketing efforts but also positions you as an expert in your field.

Podcasting offers networking opportunities too. You can invite industry leaders to your show, which broadens your reach and attracts new followers to your side hustle.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big deal for promoting your side hustle. You don’t have to be an expert to get started. This form of marketing lets you set up automatic emails, which is great if you’re short on time.

Start by building an email list. Your email list is really important. Unlike social media, you have full control over your email list. Use your website to get people to sign up for your emails. You can offer something like a free e-book to get them interested. Also, be sure to tell new subscribers what kind of emails they’ll get from you.

Keep your subscribers interested by sending good emails. What you send depends on what your side hustle is about. You could send text-only emails or more visual ones. But keep it valuable. Share tips, news or special offers. Try to find a balance between selling stuff and giving useful info.

Lastly, check how your emails are doing. Keep an eye on things like how many people open your emails and how many click on links. This helps you make your emails even better. You can test different things to see what your readers like best. This way, you’ll keep them interested and bring more attention to your side hustle.

Advertising Campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook…)

Running paid ads can bring a lot of eyes to your side hustle. But be careful. It’s easy to spend a lot without seeing any results. So first, set a budget that makes sense for your business.

Once you have a budget, work on writing ad copy that will grab attention. If you’re stuck, Facebook has an ads library to help you get ideas. Also, keep an eye on other ads similar to your business. They can show you what works and what doesn’t.

The key to success here is tracking how well your ads are doing. If they aren’t working, change them. Tweak the audience you’re targeting or the message in your ads. Keep making changes until you see the results you want.

Online Freelance Platforms

Join online platforms where people look for freelancers. Think about sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Etsy. These sites help freelancers and clients find each other. Etsy is a good fit for selling things you make yourself. When you join, make your profile look good. Show off what you can do.

Make your online listings stand out. Use the right words that people search for. Add great photos and clear titles to grab attention. Keep your listings fresh and up to date. This helps you stay in the game and makes it easier for people to find you.

Give your customers the best service. Answer their questions fast. Meet your deadlines and do your best work. Some clients can be tough to please. Take it one step at a time. Happy clients will leave good reviews. Good reviews help build your reputation. A strong reputation means more work and a circle of loyal clients.

In Person Sales Calls

For cold calls, start by identifying businesses that could use your service. Put them on a list. Then craft a quick, yet strong, pitch. If you’re the shy type and this scares you, practice makes perfect. You get more confident with each run-through. You’ll also prepare for any tough questions that come your way. Cold calling isn’t everyone’s favorite, but with a little persistence and a smile, it does work.

For in-person visits, plan them or just walk in. You can present what you offer and show off your skills. If you drop by without an appointment, aim for a short talk that leads to a longer meeting later on. For planned visits, always be on time, dressed well, and ready to tackle specific problems the business has. Show how your side hustle can make things better for them.

After your first meeting, keep the lines open. Send updates or useful info now and then. Over the years, some of my clients turned into good friends. Even though we’re not in the same industry anymore, catching up would still bring smiles to both our faces. Building strong relationships might take a while but the rewards include loyal clients, a bigger network, and even some great friendships. So, keep at it and good things will come.

Offer Free Events

Free events like workshops and webinars can be a smart move. They help you stand out in a world where digital tactics often take center stage. Pick a topic close to your side hustle that people want to know about. Make it both fun and useful. Then, reach out to places like local libraries or schools to set up your event. You can also join an event already in the works.

Webinars offer another way to get your message across. But they can feel like a sales pitch. To avoid this, be upfront about your goals. If you plan to sell something, make it clear from the start. Russel Brunson suggests asking your audience for permission before you start selling. But remember, your event doesn’t have to be all about sales. It’s also a chance to show off what you know. This builds trust and makes you look like an expert.

To get people to come, use social media, online forums, and community boards. If you have an email list, start by sending a “save the date” and follow up as the event nears. This helps keep interest high and increases your turnout.

Sponsor Local Events

Getting involved in your local area can boost your side hustle. Look for local events or sports teams that match well with your business. Reach out to the people running these events to talk about sponsorship deals. This can include things like promoting the event or even speaking at it.

Going to these events also helps you connect with possible clients. You meet other businesses and show you care about your community. This kind of engagement builds trust and can help your business grow.

Work with businesses that are like yours but not in direct competition. The goal is to find ones that serve the same kind of customers but in a different way. Talk to them about how you both can help each other grow. You help promote them, and they do the same for you. This way, both businesses get to reach more people.

Old-school marketing

Think flyers, business cards, and doorknob hangers. Yes, it’s a numbers game, but the right person has to see your message at the right time. So your message needs to be out there.

Make sure your materials look good and make clear what your side hustle offers. Place these items where your target customers will find them. Doorknob hangers work well for houses, while flyers and business cards are good for community centers and cafes.

Always tell people what to do next. If you give someone a flyer or a business card, tell them how to reach you or where to learn more about your service.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and special offers grab attention. They’re not just for emails or word of mouth; they boost all your promotional work. Think about deals that last for a short time, extra bonuses, or other cool perks. Your goal is to get people to try your service.

Sometimes you might think that offering deals means you’re losing money. But remember, it’s all about who needs whom more. If you need the client more, you’ll have to make the first move. It’s as simple as that.

After you make your special deal, tell people about it. Use your emails, social media, and even podcasts to get the word out. Finally, keep an eye on how many people take you up on the offer. This will show you how well your promotion works for growing your side hustle.

Family and Friends

Don’t forget about the people close to you when you’re marketing your side hustle. Family and friends are a great place to start. Ask them to tell others about what you’re doing. To get them interested, you could offer special deals or even free trials.

Sure, making money right away is good. But in the beginning, getting the word out is even more important. When your family and friends like what you offer, they will tell others. So, your first few clients can help you find even more people who might be interested. This helps you gain speed and grow your side hustle.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool. It’s often the way people find services when they’re hesitant to trust just anyone. Instead of looking online or checking ads, they turn to people they know. This could be friends, family, co-workers, or members of clubs they’re part of.

Doing great work for your clients sets you up for this kind of marketing. You meet deadlines and keep communication smooth. Then your clients are happy to recommend you.

As time passes, you build a name for yourself. People see you as honest, reliable, and good at what you do. Happy clients turn into your biggest fans and tell others about you. This brings you more business without any extra effort.

Tips for Marketing Your Side Hustle

Aim for Doable Goals
Make goals that you can actually reach. Ignore people who promise quick riches. That’s not how real side hustles grow. Keep your aims clear and celebrate your small wins. This way, you’ll stay motivated.

Be Open to Learning
Don’t stop learning and growing. Even if it takes time. Try out various ways to market your hustle. Look at what works and what doesn’t. Use these lessons to get better at what you’re doing.

Stay on Track
Being consistent is vital. It’s more than just a popular saying. Whether it’s sticking with your marketing plans or building trust with your customers, both matter a lot. Keep showing up where your audience can see you. This could be on social media, in emails, or blog posts.

Hold On and Be Patient
Getting good results takes time. You won’t see big changes overnight. Stick with your plan even when progress seems slow.

Keep Your Fire Burning
Your passion got you started, remember? Keep that flame alive. You’re going to need it. From the first step to the hundredth, your passion is the fuel that keeps you moving.

Wrapping Up

Keep pushing and don’t give up. You need both grit and dedication to make your side hustle a success. Marketing isn’t easy. You’ll hear “no” more often than “yes.”

Success isn’t steady in this line of work. You might get a couple of yeses, then face a string of nos. They come in bursts, like rain showers. Sometimes you win a lot, then lose just as much.

And let’s not even get into online clicks. If you’re watching click rates, get ready for even lower numbers. Maybe one new customer will appear for every 100 clicks.

So you see, the road is full of ups and downs. That’s why being persistent and committed matters so much. These are the tools you need in your kit to make your side hustle flourish. Keep your eyes on the prize and your feet on the ground. This path is long, but with hard work, you’ll make it.

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