Side Hustles for Teachers to Earn Extra Money

Side hustles for teachers

Why teachers need a side hustle

Teachers often seek side jobs for various reasons, whether it’s to make extra money or explore new opportunities. From tutoring and teaching online courses to crafting and writing, there are many ways for teachers to make extra money.

These teacher side hustles not only offer supplemental income but also allow educators to use their skills in unique ways. If you’re a teacher looking for the best side jobs or side gigs, you’re in the right place. We’ll explore some of the best side hustles for teachers, focusing on options that can even be done online.

Best side hustles for teachers

Teachers have a unique skill set. They know how to explain things well and they’re good with people. Because of this, they can do more than just teach in a classroom. Let’s look at some side hustles perfect for teachers.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring is a popular choice for many teachers. The good thing is you don’t have to leave your home to do it. A computer and a good internet connection are all you need. You can tutor students in subjects you know well.

Sites like Chegg or can help you find students. The pay is often by the hour. The downside is you’ll need to spend extra hours outside of your regular teaching job. Yet, the added income can make this worth your time.

Lesson plans

Selling lesson plans is another smart way for teachers to earn extra money. Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers offer a platform for this. You upload your high-quality lesson plans and other teachers can buy them. This way, you earn money from work you’ve already done.

The best part is that it’s a one-time effort but can bring in money for a long time. However, the competition is tough. Your lesson plans must stand out to get noticed. Making a few sales might take time and patience. But once you gain a reputation, it can become a steady income stream.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing offers a broad range of topics you can write about. You can write educational articles, blog posts, or even eBooks. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer make it easy to find writing gigs. Payment varies but good writers can earn a decent hourly rate.

The plus side is that you can write when it fits your schedule. On the other hand, you have to manage deadlines. Missed deadlines could result in losing a client. So, while the flexibility is great, you also need strong time management skills. Yet, if writing is your strength, this side hustle could turn into a meaningful income source.

Summer camps

Summer camps offer a seasonal but rewarding opportunity. Teachers already have the skills to manage kids and plan activities. You can work as a camp counselor or even run your own camp. Jobs are usually available during school breaks, fitting well with a teacher’s schedule.

Payment is often in a lump sum for the duration of the camp. But here’s the catch. These jobs are exhausting and take up most of your day. You won’t get much of a summer break if you choose this route. However, the job can be fun and offers a change of pace from the classroom. Plus, it gives you a chance to earn a good amount of money in a short time.

Educational blog

An educational blog lets you share your knowledge on teaching methods, classroom management, and subject matter. Platforms like WordPress make it easy to start a blog. Monetizing comes next. You can earn through ads, sponsored posts, or selling digital products.

The income potential is there, but it takes time to grow an audience. You’ll need to invest time in writing and marketing your blog. Also, there’s no guarantee of immediate success. It may take months to see a steady income. But if you’re passionate about education and writing, this could be a long-term win.

Course creation

Creating a course allows you to package your expertise into a sellable format. Platforms like Udemy or Teachable help you upload and sell your courses. You decide the price and the curriculum. It’s like teaching a class, but on your own terms. This could be lucrative if your course gets high ratings and many students.

But there’s a flip side. Creating a quality course takes a lot of time and effort. You need to prepare material, shoot videos, and maybe even give out homework. Plus, you’ll face competition from others who offer similar courses. Yet, if you put in the hard work, course creation can be a profitable side hustle.

Virtual teaching

Virtual teaching is much like classroom teaching but happens online. Many platforms are out there that connect teachers with students worldwide. You can teach English, math, or any subject you specialize in. It’s convenient because you teach from your home, often with flexible hours.

Payment is typically by the hour. However, technology can be a hurdle. You need a stable internet connection and good software to teach effectively. There might be time zone differences if your students are from other countries. But if you can adapt, virtual teaching offers a viable way to earn extra income while using your teaching skills.

Test prep

Test prep is a specialized form of tutoring. You focus on helping students prepare for specific exams like the SAT, ACT, or AP tests. The demand is high, especially during certain times of the year. You can offer these services yourself or join a test prep company.

They often pay well, sometimes better than regular tutoring gigs. However, it requires a deep understanding of the test material and how the exams work. You also need to be good at boosting student confidence and test-taking strategies. The job can be demanding, with tight schedules around exam times. But if you excel at preparing students for tests, this could be a rewarding side hustle.

Book review

Book reviewing is a unique way to earn money, especially if you love reading. Publishers and authors often pay for professional reviews to boost book sales. You read the book and write a detailed review. You can also post reviews on websites that offer payment for well-crafted opinions.

Payment varies but it’s generally per review. However, it’s not all fun and reading. Writing a thoughtful review takes time and attention to detail. Plus, you may end up reading books that don’t interest you. But if you’re a book lover, getting paid to read might just feel like a dream come true.

Art and crafts

Art and crafts can turn your creative hobbies into a side hustle. You can make items like handmade jewelry, home decor, or teaching aids. Platforms like Etsy offer a marketplace to sell your crafts. Each sale adds money to your pocket. The creative process can also be a relaxing break from your teaching job.

Yet, you need to invest in materials and spend time crafting. And there’s always the risk that your items won’t sell. The online market is crowded and standing out is tough. Despite the challenges, if you’re creative and enjoy making things, this side hustle has its own rewards.

Educational consulting

Educational consulting is a field where your teaching experience really shines. Schools and educational organizations often seek advice on curriculum development, classroom management, and teacher training. You can offer your services as an independent consultant.

Rates are generally high, and you might even land a long-term contract. But starting out is tough. You need to network a lot to get your first clients. Plus, the work can be demanding and may require travel. Balancing this with your regular teaching job isn’t easy. However, if you have expertise and enjoy sharing it, consulting can be a rewarding and well-paying side hustle.

Child care

Child care is a natural fit for teachers. You already know how to take care of kids and manage their needs. You can offer after-school care or even weekend babysitting services. Many parents are willing to pay a premium for child care by a certified teacher. The hours are usually flexible, fitting into your teaching schedule.

Yet, this job comes with its own challenges. Caring for children is demanding and can be tiring after a full day of teaching. It’s also a big responsibility, as parents are entrusting you with their child’s safety. Still, if you love kids and need some extra income, child care could be a perfect match.

After-school programs

After-school programs are a great way to use your skills in a different setting. You can lead clubs, teach a skill, or even help with homework. Schools often pay teachers extra for running these programs. You stay in the same location, making it convenient after your regular teaching hours.

However, these programs often need planning and prep work. That means more time spent on top of your regular duties. Plus, you may find it hard to switch gears from regular teaching to running a club. But if you’re passionate about a particular activity or subject, this could be both fulfilling and profitable.

eBook writing

eBook writing lets you put your knowledge into a long-form, digital book. You choose the topic, whether it’s educational strategies or a subject you teach. Websites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing make it simple to publish your eBook. Once it’s out there, anyone can buy it. You earn royalties on each sale.

The good part is you write the eBook once but can earn from it indefinitely. Yet, writing a book is a huge time commitment. It could take months to finish. And sales are not guaranteed. Marketing your eBook is another task you’ll need to tackle. But if you’ve got the writing chops and valuable insights, this side hustle could be quite rewarding.

Workshops and seminars

Workshops and seminars let you share your expertise in a live setting. You could teach on subjects like classroom management, teaching technology, or specialized educational methods. Often, schools and educational bodies pay well for these services. You can also charge attendees a fee for your workshop.

The earnings can be significant for a single event. However, there are challenges. Planning and promoting an event take time and effort. You also need to prepare materials and maybe even arrange a venue. And remember, public speaking skills are a must. Yet, if you’re confident and knowledgeable, hosting workshops can be both enriching and profitable.

Conclusion on teacher side hustles

So you’ve explored a variety of side hustles that fit well with a teacher’s skill set. These options offer a valuable chance to not just make extra money but also to enrich your own life and the lives of others.

They’re practical, fulfilling, and often flexible enough to fit around your teaching schedule. In short, taking up a side job doesn’t just fatten your wallet; it expands your world. So why wait? Your perfect side hustle might be just around the corner.

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