Becoming A Grubhub Driver? Your Questions Answered

Grubhub Driver

A Grubhub drivers is an independent contractor who delivers food and other items for a delivery fee and tips. Grubhub drivers earn money for every delivery and mile they drive, and keep 100% of their tips. Expected pay is $16–$23 per hour.

Why Deliver with Grubhub?

Grubhub changes the game for delivery drivers. The process starts with a swift application. In no time, you’re on the road, choosing the hours that fit your life. Flexibility is a big draw here. You can tailor your work schedule to match your needs.

Money flows in multiple ways. You get paid for each delivery and for every mile you drive. That means the longer you’re out there, the more cash you pocket. Plus, all tips are yours to keep. No sharing, no cuts taken. It adds up to a nice income stream that you control.

You get the best of both worlds. You make money, but you don’t have to make small talk. Delivering food, not people, means less stress and more peace. It’s just you, the road, and the food you’re delivering. You don’t need to be a social butterfly to succeed here.

Worried about having a resume or past experience? Don’t be. Grubhub doesn’t ask for a CV or prior delivery work. You jump right in. The focus is on what you can do now, not what you did before.

Health and safety matter a lot to Grubhub. Contact-free delivery options protect both you and the customer. Need masks, gloves, or sanitizers? Grubhub gives you easy access to these important items. It’s a set-up that takes care of you while you take care of business.

In short, Grubhub offers a blend of freedom, earnings, and safety. It’s not just a job. It’s a lifestyle choice that puts you in the driver’s seat. So, if you’re searching for a flexible work option with solid pay, Grubhub could be your answer.

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Grubhub Delivery Requirements

All Grubhub delivery partners must:

  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Own an iPhone with iOS 11 or higher OR an Android with 5.0 or higher (must have a data plan)
  • Have a data plan
  • Have a checking account for direct deposit

Additional requirements if you plan using a car you must:

  • Have an original, valid driver’s license
    • If 19 years old or more: 2 years’ valid license
    • If 18 years old: at least 1 year valid license
  • Have auto insurance

If you wish to partner with Grubhub using a Bicycle must have one of the following:

  • Original, Valid state ID
  • Original, Valid state driver’s license
  • Original, Valid passport(US or global)

Applying is easy too. Just click the blue “Apply” button at the top of the Grubhub webpage. Mobile users can find the application option in the menu, represented by three lines in the upper right corner. It’s all designed to get you started as smoothly as possible.

So, if you’re someone who loves people, knows how to communicate, and is always punctual, Grubhub is eager to partner with you. It’s not just about meeting requirements. It’s about joining a community that values your skills and time. Keep in mind, this isn’t for everyone.

What are scheduled blocks?

Scheduled blocks are time slots that you claim for yourself to work with Grubhub. These blocks offer a way to plan your earnings around your life. It’s a win-win situation. You get a flexible schedule and a shot at more orders and more money.

One thing to note is that when you schedule a block, it’s yours. So be smart and only choose time slots you’re sure you can work. If you find out you can’t work a block you’ve claimed, drop it as soon as you can. This opens up the chance for other drivers to earn.

Wait too long to drop a block? That’s not good. You could lose access to scheduling if you keep dropping blocks close to their start times. This could hurt your ability to earn and also takes chances away from other drivers.

The Driver Recognition Program Level decides what blocks you can claim. Every Monday, Grubhub updates this level based on how you’ve performed in the last 30 days. So, to get the most out of scheduled blocks, make sure you’re doing well in your driver stats.

What are Grubhub driver stats?

Driver stats help Grubhub measure how well you’re doing as a delivery partner. There are three key areas to focus on.

Offer commitment rate

The first is your offer commitment rate. This rate looks at how many delivery offers you accept and actually complete. It also counts how many you drop after saying yes. In short, it measures your reliability.

On-time arrival at merchant rate

The second area is your on-time arrival at the merchant rate. This tells Grubhub how quickly you get to the restaurant to pick up orders. Being on time is a big deal, and this rate shows how well you’re doing.

Schedule commitment rate

The last stat is your schedule commitment rate. This one tracks how many time blocks you commit to and actually work. It also counts the blocks you remove from your schedule. It’s another way to show if you’re reliable.

All these stats add up to give a full picture of your performance. So, if you’re aiming to be a top Grubhub driver, keep an eye on these numbers.

What are Grubhub driver levels?

The Grubhub driver levels are basically ranks that reflect how you’re doing as a driver. Every week, your level may change. This is based on your delivery stats from the past 14 days. If you’re new, don’t worry. You’ll get a level once you complete 20 deliveries and have some history in all your stat categories. There are three levels you can fall into.


The first one is “Partner.” To be at this level, your stats need to be less than stellar. Offer commitment rate should be under 80%. On-time arrival at the merchant needs to be less than 70%. And the schedule commitment rate also has to be below 80%.


Feeling ambitious? The “Pro” level could be for you. For this, you need to step up your game. Your offer commitment rate should be 80% or higher. You should also arrive at merchants on time at least 70% of the time. Likewise, your schedule commitment rate needs to be 80% or more.


The top tier is “Premier.” This is for the crème de la crème. To be a Premier driver, almost everything needs to be near perfect. Your offer commitment rate should be 95% or higher. On-time arrival at merchants has to be 80% or more. And you guessed it, your schedule commitment rate should also be at least 95%.

So, your driver level isn’t just a title. It’s a snapshot of how well you’re doing. Aim high if you want the best blocks and earning potential.

When can I start making deliveries as a new driver?

Wondering how soon you can start making money with Grubhub? The good news is, you can hit the road almost immediately after Grubhub verifies you as a partner. Once you get the green light, you’re good to go. Just make sure you have an insulated bag to keep those food orders hot or cold. While Grubhub will send you official gear, it only ships out after your first delivery. So, having your own bag at the start is a smart move.

As for the Grubhub Driver Card, some regions require it while others don’t. If your area needs the card, don’t worry. You can still make deliveries right away. Your Driver Card will arrive in the mail soon enough. Once it does, activating it through the app is a breeze. If you’re in a market where the Driver Card isn’t required, even better. You face no delays. All you need is that insulated bag, and you’re ready to deliver.

Remember, Grubhub insists on using insulated bags for all deliveries. Whether you use a Grubhub-branded bag or your own doesn’t matter. What counts is keeping the food at the right temperature.

You may be asking, “Should I complete the onboarding process before starting?” While it’s not a must, it’s highly advised. Once done, you get access to Grubhub’s Learninghub. This online resource offers courses on accepting and completing deliveries, scheduling your time, understanding how payments work, and much more. It’s your go-to guide for becoming a top-notch Grubhub driver.

So, if you’ve passed the verification stage, don’t hesitate. You’ve got all you need to start earning. Whether you’re waiting for your official Grubhub gear or using your own, the road to making money is wide open. Just keep your eyes on the prize and your insulated bag at the ready. With Grubhub, you’re not just delivering food; you’re delivering success. And that could start today.

How Grubhub delivery partners get paid

Grubhub offers two ways to get your earnings. First, there’s direct deposit. Every Thursday, your balance lands right into your bank account. No fuss, no waiting. But if you like to have control over when you get paid, Grubhub offers an Instant Cash Out feature. For Chase Bank customers, this is a free service. Other bank customers pay a nominal fee of $0.50 per transaction. If you prefer, you can also cash out straight to your debit card for the same fee.

Let’s break down what makes up your total pay.

Delivery pay

Your earnings per delivery consist of your base pay plus any extra bonuses. The base pay factors in things like mileage, the kind of delivery you’re doing, the time you spend on it, and the going rates in your local market.


Don’t forget about tips. They are all yours, every penny. Unlike some services that take a slice, Grubhub ensures you keep 100% of your tips.

Grubhub contribution

What if it’s a slow day? Grubhub has a contribution system in place. This means if you’ve scheduled a work block and meet certain criteria, you’re guaranteed a minimum pay rate for your area. It’s Grubhub’s way of making sure you don’t walk away empty-handed.

Missions & Special offers

Want to spice things up? Grubhub Missions offer extra chances to make more money. These are tasks or goals set within a time frame. Complete them, and you get a pay boost. Plus, there are special offers and sweepstakes to keep things interesting.

Remember, all these special features and contributions vary depending on your market and the time you work. So, whether you’re banking on regular deposits or cashing out instantly, driving during peak times or slow periods, Grubhub’s flexible payment system aims to put you in control. It’s about making your work rewarding, both in experience and in your wallet.

Maximize your earnings

Want to make the most of your time as a Grubhub driver? Let’s explore some options that could give your earnings a nice boost.


Catering is a great place to start. Eligible drivers can take catering orders, which are usually large and can lead to bigger tips. The payment calculation is the same as regular deliveries, but the larger scale can lead to more money in your pocket.

Large Orders

Have you heard of large orders? These are orders that exceed $150 before the tip. Just like any other order, you can either accept or decline them. Taking on large orders can be a game-changer for boosting your earnings without adding more time to your delivery route.

Bundled Offers

Another way to up your earnings is through bundled offers. These are multiple orders from nearby restaurants. Since the locations are close, you save time on driving. That means you can handle more orders in less time, which often leads to more tips.

Alcohol Delivery

Are you 21 or older? Alcohol delivery might be for you. In certain markets, Grubhub allows drivers of legal age to deliver alcoholic beverages. This is another chance to add to your earnings. But take note, alcohol delivery comes with its own set of rules. You must adhere to laws and safety protocols to ensure a smooth and legal transaction.

What is Grubhub Instant Cashout?

Instant Cashout a nifty feature in the Grubhub for Driver app. With Instant Cashout, you can send your earnings straight to your bank account. This way, you get paid much faster.

So how quick is the transfer? Typically, the funds appear in your bank account in moments. But sometimes it can take up to three business days, depending on your bank. As for your regular delivery earnings and tips, they’ll be ready for cashout just 15 minutes after you complete a delivery. If you’re in a market that offers a Grubhub contribution, you’ll see those funds the next day around noon local time.

You might wonder if there’s a limit on this feature. Good news—you can cash out up to $500 each day. Plus, you can use Instant Cashout as many times as you want daily. But keep in mind, each transaction costs a flat fee of 50 cents.

What if you want to cash out only a part of your earnings? Well, you can’t. You’ll need to cash out the whole sum, up to the daily limit of $500.

Don’t want to use Instant Cashout? No problem. Any money not cashed out by 11:59 pm CST on Mondays goes through the regular payment process. You’ll get a confirmation message on your app screen and an email if the cashout is successful. If it fails, it’s likely an internet issue. Just try again when you’re back online.

Switched your bank recently? Remember, you’ll have to update your bank details in the app yourself. For safety, Instant Cashout is off-limits for 72 hours after you verify or update your bank info. If you didn’t make these changes or suspect unauthorized access, reset your password and update your bank information immediately.

To sum, Instant Cashout offers a speedy and convenient way to get your hard-earned money. But like all good things, it comes with its own set of rules and costs. Choose wisely!

What is the Grubhub Driver Card?

Grubhub Driver Card is a special card that Grubhub sends you. With this card, you pay for certain orders at the restaurant. You activate the card right in your Grubhub for Drivers app. It’s pretty straightforward.

If you’ve just joined Grubhub, you might not have the card yet. Don’t worry. You can still start delivering. Your Grubhub Driver Card will come in the mail as part of your Grubhub Starter Kit. This happens after you make your first Grubhub delivery.

In some places, you don’t even need an active Grubhub Driver Card to start delivering. Just grab any insulated delivery bag and hit the road. But remember, only use the Grubhub Driver Card to pay for orders you’ve accepted. Using any other payment method? Grubhub won’t give you the money back.

So the Grubhub Driver Card is more than just a piece of plastic. It’s a key tool for your delivery work. Just activate it in the app, and you’re good to go. It makes paying for orders simple and keeps everything organized for you.

How do I use the Grubhub for Drivers app to complete deliveries?

It’s all about tapping the right buttons at the right times. Doing so tells everyone involved—Grubhub, the restaurant, and the diner—where you are in the delivery process. This way, everything runs smoothly.

Why does timing matter? Let’s say you tap the buttons too soon. The diner’s app will show that the food has been delivered, but it hasn’t. This confuses the diner. Now, if you tap too late, the opposite problem happens. The diner thinks their food is still at the restaurant. They might not answer the door when you arrive. Both scenarios disappoint the diner. Poor experiences can lead to lower tips for you in the future.

So, tapping at the right time is crucial for keeping everyone happy and keeping your tips up. Use the Grubhub for Drivers app wisely, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

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